Silver Cross Prams gets the job done!

Contemplating buying a Pram? You Won’t Regret Considering the Silver Cross 3D Pram System.


The Silver Cross 3D Pram stands apart to be convertible. With some clicks and swivels, this technique can be converted from a pram in to a pushchair in a few just a few seconds. The 3D can also be remarkably lightweight and folds right down to a compact profile, great for storage in a small boot. The 3D is specifically made to become suitable for all stages of infanthood, with its fully padded mattress and infant pram liner. It's also complemented with a wide array of Silver Cross accessories, for example child car seats and carrycots. Effortlessly these functions packed into one sleek and elegant package, it’s no wonder why the Silver Cross 3D is a best-selling pram system.


Many of the most common comments produced by parents on the Silver Cross 3D pram system include:

Padding - Parents have raved about the cleverly designed padding on the seat unit, ensuring maximum comfort and safety for newborn infants.

Seat - The seat unit itself has brought praise for the sturdiness, large handle bar and also the capability to lie fully flat. A large adjustable hood also protects the seat.

Handling - Like several Silver Cross prams and pushchairs, the 3D pram method is very simple to take care of, capable of making turns on a dime thanks to its lightweight yet strong construction. Ergonomic adjustable handles further supplement the 3D’s weight and suspension system.

Market and Loyal Patrons

If you're still hesitant with all the notion of purchasing your personal Silver Cross pram and pushchair, perhaps a go through the brand’s loyal customers may be enough to convince you.

The Silver Cross brand can be a name chiefly associated with luxury and transporting generations of kids in great britan. The emblem has deep experience of the British royal family, in a way that it's been awarded a prestigious Royal Warrant for providing custom prams and pushchairs towards the Queen, Prince Charles and Princes Harry and William.

The company’s recent line of prams and pushchairs, like the Silver Cross Surf has been a favourite of celebrities such as Julia roberts, Madonna, Nicole kidman, Kate Hudson and many more.

Tha harsh truth

If you’re trying to find a pram system that’s compact and gives you the absolute best of the items pushchairs and prams have to offer, the 3D pram product is definitely for you. The 3D is perfect from the comfort of early stages of growth because of its comfortable mattress and padded pram liner. And lastly, it offers great good value using its very competitive price. Again, if what you’re trying to find is a feature-rich wheeled transport solution at a good price, the 3D Pram should definitely be on your list.


What you Get from Silver Cross

Silver Cross originated from England, and it is an organization who specializes in the development and manufacture of both classic and innovative prams and buggies for youngsters, prides itself because of not having a “real” secret with regards to making fine wheeled transport. Apparently, every one of the company does is depend on their 130 many years of experience and choice choice of top quality materials-no more, no less. Everything else follows once that combination is needed, or so Silver Cross says.

The Silver Cross name is but one that’s considered by many people being a British institution. Indeed, multiple generations of English children-some of them royalty-have experienced the luxurious, comfort and safety of Silver Cross buggies and prams.

Silver Cross Today

Despite its “size” and stature in the industry, Silver Cross has managed to reinvent its product line to meet the growing need for modern, manoeuvrable and light-weight pushchairs. The company has since that time launched an extremely successful line of modern buggies, proving an old timer such as Silver Cross continues to have what it takes to compete with nimbler buggy and pram manufacturers.

The organization made waves with all the release of its 3D pram system, a top selling pushchair that’s made to convert from a pushchair to some pram body, allowing the baby with the idea to sit or lie flat when transported.

The Silver Cross Product Range

Silver Cross’ array of wheeled transport systems for kids is split up into categories:

Buggies - They're lightweight and modern systems made to appeal with all the modern market with its selection of colours, fabrics and accessories

Prams - Halfway houses that seem to be being a mix of a pushchair and pram. Silver Cross’ prams have convertible seats that shift from pushchair to pram body.

Heritage - This can be a collection of prams reminiscent of traditional baby carriers. Kids of royalty were transported during these prams.


Regardless of what type of system you will need, Silver Cross will help.


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